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How Did We Get Here

Thirty years ago CopyData was a locally owned and operated company that believed in the philosophy of “taking care of customers.” The size of the account was irrelevant in regard to the number of systems leased or purchased. Our goal was not only to meet their expectations in our systems and services, but to exceed their expectations.

Twenty one years ago CopyData was purchased by a national conglomerate with the promise to provide us with better resources to further enhance our ability to take care of our customers. Unfortunately, their promises were not kept. For example, technicians were not allowed to carry parts/supplies in their vehicles. The supplies were actually moved to a Houston warehouse. Service calls were handled by a call center out of town, which delayed response time by two days. These changes were not allowing us to provide the highest level of service in which our customers had grown to expect.

With this in mind, Digitech Office Machines was established in 1998 in order to continue to provide the superb service our customers were expecting. We have an average of less than 2 ½ hour response time for service. Our service calls are handled by an in house dispatcher with 10 years experience. The rest is history.

Our Management Team


Dwayne Cormier

General Manager


Natalie Miguez

Sales Manager


Richard Feist

Service Manager